Disketch Free DVD and CD Label Maker


Create CD and DVD labels and covers easily


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Disketch Disc Label is a CD and DVD cover edition program that allows you to creeate your own CD/DVD covers and customize them.

Choose if you'll crreate the cover for the case or the DVD itself. Then, give free rain to your imagination and personalize it.

Choose the background color, insert images, add text, resize images to make them fit the jewel case, choose font and size for the text.

Disketch Disc Label also allows you to collect material related to our CDs and DVDs.

Disketch Disc Label is, in short, a good application if you want to easily create covers for your CDs and DVDs without having to use more complex programs.

During the installation you'll be asked to install 4 iprograms. We recommend you to skip tha installation of those programs.


Trial version includes watermark in output.

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